Top Insights For 2017 On Solutions Of Cosmetic Acupuncture Alicante

Top Insights For 2017 On Solutions Of Cosmetic Acupuncture Alicante

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Another couple — Brennan Quinn and Kristy McKendrick — who are alternative medicine practitioners in the Austin area, have two more licenses for locations in South Austin. Twelve locations are planned eventually for the Austin market. “What we are doing is taking an alternative natural health technique into a spa-like setting,” Tom Etheredge said. The franchise platform ensures that the soothing design and ambiance is maintained across the fledgling chain. The primary treatment area is aptly called “The Zen Den.” Some differences from traditional acupuncture are implemented. Modern Acupuncture uses the distal process, which applies needles to certain nodes to increase blood flow. Patients remain clothed in comfortable chairs. The treatment in a controlled, relaxed setting takes about 30 minutes. Etheredge expects to recruit some exceptional practitioners.

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